The Blood Ties project was a co-venture between the Taelons and Doors International that worked to use Core Energy to help in curing illnesses amongst Humans. Among the head researcher of the program was a person known as Alistair who was an old friend of Augur. Ultimately, the project was abandoned and the program became defunct. However, unknown to anyone, Ronald Sandoval hired Serina Charmeaux with the purpose of stealing the Core Energy from the numerous subjects within the project that was accomplished by way of a special energy draining suit.

Alistair came to believe the murders were the work of the Taelons who intended to reclaim their Core Energy which was in short supply. These chain of events saw the deaths of six Humans that had Core Energy within them. As a result, Volunteer Investigations detective Charles Green was brought in to solve this series of murders. (Episode: Blood Ties)