The Taelon Commonality linking its members together.

The Commonality was a psycho-dimensional web which formed a matrix of shared energy that connected the psyches of the entire Taelon race. Individual Taelons manifested themselves as blue orbs with blue linking lines of energy being the ties that binded the species together. Each member of the species acted as a transmitter that broadcasted its thoughts into the Commonality and thus was capable of being isolated and severed through technological means. Those Taelons that faced such an act were ripped from the unifying presence of the Commonality and devolved into an Atavus. (Episode: Atavus)

One of the early reasons for the creation of the Commonality was in order to control the violent nature of the Shaqarava which the Taelons had gained from their Kimera genetic ancestors. (Episode: A Stitch in Time) Through the shaqarava, the Taelons resculpted their flesh and formed the basis of the Commonality. (Episode: Atavus)

The Jaridians had the technology to create probes that generated a signal which disrupted the Commonality causing a rupture that severed the Taelons from this spiritual nexus that linked all their consciousnesses. Their intention was to devolve the Taelons into an atavistic state and in order to combat this, the Taelons rounded up individuals placing them in a near-death state where their soul was partially free from their body. Through the use of a psychokinetic device, they were able to siphon the mental energy of these sleepers in order to create a temporary secondary spiritual nexus until the source of the tear in the Commonality was found. (Episode: Sleepers)