Below is listed every episode of the Sceince Fiction series Earth: Final Conflict, seasons 1 - 5.

Season OneEdit

Decision,Truth,Miracle,Avatar,Old Flame,Float like a Butterfly,Resurrection,Horizon Zero,Scorpions Dream,Live Free or Die,The Scarecrow Returns,Sandovals Run,The Secret of Strandhill,Pandora’s Box,If you could read my Mind,Wrath of Achillies,The Devil You Know,Law and Order,Through the Looking Glass,Infection,Destruction,The Joining.

Season TwoEdit

First of it’s Kind,Avatus,A Stitch in Time,Dimensions,Moonscape,The Sleepers,Fissures,Redemption,Isabel,Between Heaven and Hell,The Gauntlet,One man’s Castle,Second Chances,Payback,Friendly Fire,Volenteers,Bliss,Highjacked,Defectors,Heroes and Heartbreak,Message in the Bottle,Crossfire.

Season ThreeEdit

Crackdown,The Vanished,Déjà vu,Emancipation,The Once and Future World,Thicker than Blood,Pad’ar,In Memory,The Cloister,Interview,Keep your Enemies closer,Subterfuge,Scorched Earth,Sanctuary,Through Your Eyes,Time Bomb,The Fields,Apparition,One Taelon Avenue,Abduction,Arrival.

Season FourEdit

The Forge of Creation, First Breath,Sins of the Father,Limbo,Motherlode,Take No Prisoner,Second Wave,Essence,Phantom Companion,Dream Stalker,Lost Generation,The Summit,Dark Matter,Keys to the Kingdom,Street Chase,Trapped by Time,Atonement,Blood Ties,Hearts and Minds,Epiphany,Dark Horizon,Point on No Return.

Season FiveEdit

Unearthed, Pariahs, The Seduction, Subterra,Boone’s Awakening,Termination, Guilty Conscience,Boone’s Assassin, Entombed,Legacy, Death Suite, Atavus High, Deep Sleep,Art of War,Grave Danger,Deportation,Honour and Duty,Bad Genes,Subversion,Street Wise,The Journey,Final Conflict.