Joyce Belman was a female Human and the daughter of doctor Belman.

When her mother was involved in a Taelon experimental program in genetics that would further mankinds evolution, Joyce was one of the canidates for a position in the Taelon/Human Genetic Research Facility. However, her application was denied by her mother who did not wish her daugher on the project. Despite this, it was the actions of Da'an that allowed Joyce to be attached to the project which worked to combine Taelon and Human DNA to induce regeneration. Their experiments led to an accelerant which was injected into the monkey Max which managed to heal his injuries.

The project was, however, facing danger as the Synod under advisement from Zo'or was threatening to shut it down unless they saw some human testing. Dr. Belman did now wish to begin human testing as she felt it was irresponsible but her daughter proceeded to inject the sample into herself. She was unaware of the fact that the sample was tampered with Jaridian DNA which transformed Joyce into a powerful psychic being with near god-like abilities far above Taelons. She nearly attempted to bring down the Taelon mothership onto Earth through her powers alone and wished to mate with Liam Kincaid. His arguments later made her to reverse her actions and she left to explore the universe. (Episode: Between Heaven and Hell)