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The Kimera are a fictional alien species from the television series Earth: Final Conflict. Members of the species are first seen in the final episode of the show's first season, when a Kimera named Ha'Gel is recovered by an independent salvage crew from the bottom of the ocean. Throughout the series, this species play an important, though often undefined role.


Kimera physiology is unknown, though in his initial form, Ha'Gel appears to be a Taelon-like energy being. The Kimera possess chameleon-like abilities, allowing them to impersonate other creatures, and apparently to take on their memories.

The Kimera also have the shaqarava (pronounced [ʃaˌkaraˈvaː]), an organ that the Taelons once had, and that the Jaridians who appear later seem to use.

The Taelons variously claim that the Kimera are their evolutionary ancestors, that the Kimera conquered the Taelons in a war of genetic assimilation, and that the Kimera saved the Taelon species at some unspecified point in the past.

The Kimera are capable of touching the Taelon Commonality, a sacred psychic link between all Taelons. This may have been due to the shaqarava.

Whereas the Taelons are confirmed as asexual, seeming to have only one parent each, the Kimera seem to require two individuals to mate for reproduction.


The Kimera were supposedly an ancient race of researchers and spiritualists. Long before the Atavus, Taelon or Jaridian species evolved, the Kimera traveled space. At some point millions of years ago, the Kimera somehow interfered with and altered the Taelons/Atavus. At some point, the Taelons/Atavus turned on the Kimera and exterminated most of the species, leaving only Ha'Gel in stasis.

Many of the Kimera voluntarily 'ascended to the next plane', vaguely alluding to transcending to a purely spiritual plane, believing the physical world to be of limited value and interest compared with the worlds of the mind and soul.

Before meeting his end on Earth, Ha'Gel succeeded in producing an offspring, who went by the name Liam Kincaid. Liam, a human/Kimera hybrid, initially struggled with his Kimera side, though with occasional input from his Kimera parent on a spirit plane, and the fact that as time went on, he became more and more human, he overcame many of these difficulties. Liam was highly important in uncovering the hidden truths of the Taelons and worked with the underground resistance, forming a bridge between those two worlds.