The Limb Regeneration Programme was an experiment conducted by the Taelons during their time on Earth. The project was in the initial stages of study and required live testing to which Da'an decided to implement as part of a public relations exercise with the recipient being Julie Payton who had lost her hands. The experiment was an intial success as the regeneration was overseen by the Companion Ne'eg and caused a wave of devotion when Ms Payton claimed that the Taelons were messengers from god. However, it was discovered over further study that the implanted limbs were suffering from degeneration which threatened the Human relationship with the Taelons and thus the Synod ordered Ms Payton eliminated. But when she appeared on tv disavowing her previous statement that Da'an was a divine figure, she was spared and she even urged others to take part in the Companion Limb Regeneration Programme in order for them to experience their own personal miracles. (Episode: Miracle)