New Life was the name given to a number of Earth-based clinics that were indirectly established by the Taelons. This involved the use of an energy beam directed from the Taelon mothership that led to a number of female Humans being made infertile. The New Life fertility clinics offered to help in allowing couples suffering from infertility to get children. Unknown to these couples, they were subject of a Taelon experiment to breed Cerebral Neural Implant's within the wombs of the expectant mothers as their offspring were born with this new generation of organic implants.

This project involving the fertility clinics was supposedly abandoned as the program was believed to be incompatible with the Taelon's mission on Earth. However, Zo'or was known to had continued the experiment in secret. Amongst the subjects included Bob Brody who had a Cyber-Viral Implant. His pregnant wife's child generated its own CVI frequency that led to a feedback which killed the father. As a result, the media were attracted to the incident involving New Life. Ronald Sandoval intended to clean up the matter n order to use the newborn child as a prototype for future organic CVI's but Zo'or concluded the death of Brody attracted too much attention. (Episode: Lost Generation)