Po'om was notable for being a great Taelon leader in the distant past.

An old fable said that his servant was once terrified because death had smiled at him at the market place. Believing that this meant his impending demise, the servant asked Po'om to be sent to the outpost of Ger'om; a favor to which the Taelon leader honored. Later, Po'om went to the market place in order to ask death why it had smiled at the servant. Death replied stating that it was surprised to see the servant because it had an appointment within him at the Ger'om outpost.

When Liam Kincaid went two days into the future to discover that the Liberation base was attacked seemingly by Lili Marquette, he consulted Da'an on what to do. Da'an later told him the story of Po'om to which Liam had concluded the story stating that he knew of it. Da'an responded by telling Liam that it was part of his Taelon heritage and asked that if it answered his question about whether the future could be changed. (Episode: A Stitch in Time)