Earth: Final Conflict Wiki

Portal Terminals were devices made by the Taelons that allowed individuals to travel through interdimensional space allowing them to move from one location to another in moments. This allowed world wide travel and had been installed in a variety of cities around Earth. (Episode: Through the Looking Glass)

Portal technology had been tested for over a year before being running for two months by the public where thousands of people travelled around the world. However, there had been a number of anomalies where travellers were delayed and missing during interdimensional journeys. Unknown to anyone, the Taelons were responsible for these delays where they began using the Humans in stasis as part of medical experiments. (Episode: Through the Looking Glass)

Due to the wide traffic through interdimensional space, the Companions were forced to find new routes that even they had not explored in that dimension. During a testing of the new route, a species of energy devouring creatures entered into Earth which began to feed on the planets power supplies and even attack the Taelons. (Episode: Fissures)

The Companions had been using the portal system for centuries without incident. (Episode: Payback) Da'an used a Portal that went through 600 different terminals going through Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri which scrambled the log whilst allowing him to covertly arrive at the Freedom space station. From there, he used a Portable Cold Fusion generator to allow the Jaridian Balvak to cross intergalactic distances from the Jaridian homeworld of Tau Ceti and arrive in the Sol system for an attempted Joining. (Episode: The Summit)