The Relic and its data.

The Relic was an ancient Taelon artifact created by the scientist Ma'el. It contained the collective sums of his research on Humanity as well as his findings namely that the species proved to be a missing evolutionary link between the Taelons and the Jaridians. In order to protect the data from his own kind, he encoded it within chaos theory which was beyond the rigid thinking of Taelons. Furthermore, he ensured that the data could only be accessed by both a Taelon and a Human in order to ensure mankind's involvement in the event.

The relic was discovered by the Taelons and Da'an created a covert program to uncover its secrets with the aid of mathematician Emily King who studied it for three years. However, following that time, the artifact began to degrade and if it was not decoded, its contents would be lost forever. Ultimately, Liam Kincaid and Zo'or deciphered the data with the two being the only ones with means of access as well as knowledge of the information contained within. (Episode: Abduction)

The artifact was never given a proper name and was only referred to as the relic.