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The Repository.

The Repository was a starship of Kimera design.

It was constructed by the race countless centuries ago and contained the accumulated knowledge of their race. Utilizing the advanced technology the race had constructed, this ship floated through space where it was capable of using a gravity beam to bring vessels towards it. However, its ultimate purpose was to provide tests to those that sought the combined knowledge of the Kimera who were put through tests to determine their worthiness for that information. But, at some point, the ship was damaged and its artificial intelligence suffered as a result leading to its tests taking a more deadly aspect to them. Furthermore, it began dragging vessels to itself whereupon its captives were forcibly placed through the tests which resulted in their deaths and their bodies littering the halls of the vessel.

The Core.

In the modern age, a Jaridian who had escaped the Taelon mothership had taken a Taelon shuttle taking Lili Marquette as a hostage. However, whilst he attempted to return to his people, the shuttle was dragged off course by the Repository and were brought aboard. Liam Kincaid who was in pursuit also was brought to the ship where he determined it was Kimera in origin. After passing through the various tests, he determined that the ships AI had been damaged in its long journey and convinced it to self destruct rather then go against the Kimera directive of respecting all life as it had killed numerous beings over the millennia. The AI agreed and allowed its occupiers to escape before it destroyed itself which ended one of the last legacies the Kimera left to the universe. (Episode: Gauntlet)

The vessel was not given a name in the show though Liam refered to it as a repository.