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The Synod was the ruling body of the Taelon race. (Episode: Decision)

It was the right for members of the Synod to inspect all Taelon facilities. (Episode: Moonscape)

Quo'on served as leader of the Synod who allowed Da'an to begin the limb restoration project on Julie Payton's hands. After a wave of devotion came to the Companions after the event, the Synod concluded that they wished to study the phenomena. However, when studies showed that the restored limbs were facing a process of degeneration than there was some concern from the Synod on how this would affect their standing amongst the inhabitants of Earth. Thus, they employed the customary "isolation procedures" which involved killing her and removing her from the public life in order to cover up their experiment. (Episode: Miracle) When Jonathan Doors was revealed to be alive, the Synod was greatly displeased with Da'an and dispatched Zo'or to replace him. However, when Zo'or brought about another public relations disaster, the Synod decided to reinstate Da'an immediately.(Episode: Resurrection) When William Boone asked Da'an to learn the Taelon language, he expressed his implants desire to the Synod who had observed Boone's progress which had brought much debate within the Taelon ruling body. (Episode: The Scarecrow Returns)

The leadership of the Synod went into disarray after death of Quo'on at the hands of a Jaridian Replicant during William Boone's funeral. (Episode: The First of its Kind) This led to a power struggle between Da'an and Zo'or over control of the Synod. (Episode: Dimensions) During the elections in North America, it was believed that the American people would support which ever candidate that had the support of the Synod. (Episode: Fissures) Whilst the Synod approved of genetic experiments involving human evolution, their attitude changed due to the rising threat of the Jaridians and they began to support bio-engineering humans into weapons to fight their enemy. (Episode: Between Heaven and Hell) The Synod had initially placed an edict which prevented any Human from meeting a Jaridian, however, Zo'or defied that edict believing it was necessary as he had human technicians work on a captive Jaridian prisoner. (Episode: Gauntlet)

After acquiring information on the location of numerous resistance cells, Da'an intended to present his findings at the next Synod security review but was stopped when Zo'or ordered the confiscation of the files. (Episode: Thicker than Blood) When a Jaridian battle fleet was converging on Earth, the Synod decided to abandon the planet. (Episode: The Second Wave)