A Taelon gunship.

A gunship was a type of craft used by the Taelon race.

These ships appeared as somewhat larger cousins to the Taelon shuttles and had the capacity to enter into Interdimensional space. They had a larger crew compliment and possessed powerful shields that enabled it to resist enemy weapon fire. In addition to this, they possessed the capacity to emit a powerful gravity pulse from beneath the craft. This energy increased the gravity in the local area and forced targets to the ground as they were incapable of rising due to the higher gravity being forced on them. The pulse allowed the Taelons to disable large groups of enemies in order to capture them.

In an alternate reality, Earth was never visited by Ma'el and thus Human evolution was never influenced by the Taelons. When the Companions arrived on Earth, instead of beginning a partnership with the native race they instead attacked with the aim of subjugating the species. Groups of resistance fighters existed on the world one of which was led by Jason whose camp was attacked by an evil counterpart of Lili Marquette. After arriving above the camp on her gunship, she ordered the activation of a gravity pulse which subdued the defenders thus allowing her forces to take them prisoner. (Episode: Dimensions)

It should be noted that the term gunship is speculation as the craft was not named on screen.