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"Taelon virtual glass... never breaks, never needs cleaning."

-Ron Sandoval, explaing the benefits of Taelon technology to Boone.

Virtual Glass was a material that was constructed by the Taelon race.

This highly durable substance which never broke as well as did not need cleaning though it appeared transparent and frail. It was keyed to the security needs of its users and allowed individuals to walk through it. (Episode: Truth) It existed from nanosecond to nanosecond, and was compared to a strobe light, except fast. (Episode: Destruction)

After being appointed as Companion Protector for Da'an, William Boone was escorted to his new office by Ronald Sandoval. Once there, he demonstrated how the structure was a mix of Taelon and Human aspects. He did this by walking seemingly through a glass wall which he revealed was Taelon virtual glass. (Episode: Truth) When Sandoval was interrogating a woman for publishing anti Companion websites, she attempted to toss the evidence and herself over the edge of the window of Boone's office, but was cut short by the virtual glass. (Episode: Sandoval's Run)

Augur met a Russian scientist who was working on perfecting Taelon virtual glass technology. The secret meeting was for the virtual glass matrix data to pass into Augurs hands but the two were captured by Russia's security forces who handed the pair over to Taelon custody. Later, Lazarus freed the Russian scientist in order for him to sabotage the Taelon mothership's virtual glass barrier by reprogramming its matrix which led to random openings forming in the ships hull that killed several of the crew. (Episode: Moonscape)