William is the main chracter of the first season of Earth: Final Conflict. He breifly returns during the final season of the show. He is played by actor Kevin Kilner .

William Boone






Companion Protector, Resistance Spy, Police Commander


The Resistance

First Appearance

Episode 1



Portrayed By

Kevin Kilner

Background Edit

Apparently Boone fought in the Sino-Indian War.

Skills Edit

Boone is able to recall whole memories due to his Cyber-Viral Implant. This implant improved his basic abilities, enhanced his reading and interpretation speed as well as allowing the use of a skrill. He was able to learn the complex language of the Taelons due to the CVI. Boone is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality Edit

Earth: Final Conflict Edit

Boone first appears as a Police Commander responsible for security around Da'an's speech. Da'an is impressed by Boone's work in protecting him from an assassination attempt, and offers him a spot as a Companion protector, envoy and a personal bodyguard. Boone declines at first and shortly thereafter his wife is killed in a car crash. Boone immediatly suspects that his wife wasn't killed by accident and these suspiciosns are only worsened when the resistance contacts him telling him that the Companions are responsible for the murder of his beloved wife. He accepts Da'an's offer and becomes a spy for the resistance to find out the truth about his wife's murder. Later he learns that fellow Comapanion Protector Agent Sandoval had orchestrated his wife's murder because he did'nt want her interfering with Boone's imperative. After this Boone continued spying on the Taelons for the resistance, convinced that they were up to no good.